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How To Improve Your Authority With Linkedin

When it comes to generating that critical “Know, Like and Trust” factor with a personalised, 1-on-1 marketing approach on a social network nothing can compare to LinkedIn, Linkedin used to it’s potential is a “no brainer” if you want to improve your authority. This article shows you how to maximise and improve your authority on this popular social media network with 467 million plus users.New data recently released by LinkedIn reveals a dramatic increase in its users – which means that if you’re not already considering LinkedIn in your marketing and influence processes you should!

Here’s how to get Linkedin to improve your authority:

1. Create a Client Facing Profile

One of the most important and overlooked step in the process of being a successful influencer on LinkedIn.

Instead of having a profile page that reads like an online resume, you need to talk about the unique value and benefit you, your product and/or your cause or service provides to your ideal followers, clients or customers.

2. Target and Engage Your Ideal Prospects

LinkedIn’s exceptional search feature has access to over 433 million professionals in 200 plus countries. With a few keystrokes, you can immediately build a prospect list which is targeted by job title, industry type and/or location, along with adding in “personal” markers, like where someone went to college or even what their non work interests and hobbies are.

3. Create Content

LinkedIn is just like all other social media mediums it’s followers crave content.

You can’t go fishing without bait, and you will not be able to improve your influence on LinkedIn without content. Fortunately LinkedIn makes it very easy to share all sorts of original content. It is very user friendly to embed podcasts, videos, images, soundclips and more both on your profile page and inside blogs on the platform.

The best type of content should demonstrate your competence or knowledge of the product or service you are promoting in a given niche or area of interest.

4. Add a Call to Action

After doing all the work of crafting and loading your content, top it off with a killer headline and do not forget to give your prospects an easy way to take the next step and engage with you or your cause further.

5. Earn the Ask

Once your followers know, like and trust you, the key factors for any relationship never mind an online relationship, you are in a position to ask your followers to do something for you. That do something, depends upon the strength of your relationship and the worthiness of your product, service or cause in the eyes of the follower.

If you have followed steps 1 to 3 in this section, you are some way toward being known, liked and trusted. The rest of your influence success will get down to the value you offer followers.

The more value you give someone, the more helpful and useful you are, and therefore the more “right” you have to ask for some time on the phone, or a free consultation, or have them join a petition, or make them a sales offer.


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