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Get Noticed On YouTube

When was the last time you watched a YouTube video?

My guess is that you interacted with YouTube in some way in the last 24 hours as long as you have access to the Internet.

Online video is growing exponentially, with over 4 billion videos viewed daily which amounts to 6 billion hours of video streamed monthly. In effect this makes YouTube the most watched television channel on the planet, and the best thing is you can provide content to that television station with the most minimal of barriers.

Like most things not all You Tube videos are created equally. The challenge is to provide value in your video to have it stand out and be shared. Value is a strange thing to define but to get noticed on YouTube land is likely to mean displaying; how to, “escapism”, entertainment, humour, quirkiness, human interest or talent to your audience. If you use YouTube for your message, you can reach your audience, both by the creation of videos and or advertising on other people’s videos. Video-streaming platforms like YouTube have become so big you’re guaranteed to find a group of people who will become your raving fans and customers, as long as you educate, entertain and provide solutions to their problems.

YouTube in a nutshell:

56 countries with content in 61 languages
1 billion people visit YouTube each month globally
100 hours of video are uploaded every 60 seconds to YouTube
According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more adults aged 18-34 than any cable network
YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and the 3rd most visited website worldwide, behind only Google and Facebook respectively.

On top of You Tubes direct search prominence, due to Google Universal Search, videos, images, news, books and local searches are blended together in Google’s search results, so as to provide the most useful information for people searching. Consequently you are likely to notice videos appearing more often in Google’s search results. This shows that Google considers video to be as important as text-only pages.
On top of this if you watch video on Facebook, there’s a pretty good chance it’s a YouTube video linked. YouTube videos are everywhere, embedded into blogs, websites and electronic newsletters the Internet over.

The platform can be a goldmine and has been responsible for the launch of many a star who has started out in a bedroom such as the celebrated Troye Sivan who out muscles traditional celebrities like Allen Iverson, Meghan Trainor and even Hillary Clinton.

Like Google, getting noticed on YouTube is also more likely if you optimize for search.

You Tube is a red hot tool for search engine power, and you can benefit from using it. You can take advantage of this by using proven hacks like writing high-quality articles on your site and creating complementary videos in YouTube. Doing this will build backlinks to your site, meaning you get found on Google more often by people searching. But you can also further your influence by investing time in the more advanced search optimization techniques outlined below.

5 Advanced Tips to Get Noticed on YouTube with Search Power

1. Describe each video with long, detailed descriptions
This will enhance your contextual keyword positioning by having a better chance to rank for a variety of loosely-related searches, which may or may not include the exact keyword phrase you are targeting.
2. Research and select the right keywords for each video
3. Embed and share videos wherever possible
4. Make your videos the correct length
You need to consider not only what type of video you are publishing but the most likely device your viewers will be watching on. This is a dynamic process and rather than me be prescriptive for video lengths, my advice is to keep up to date with trends and viewer consumption habits by keeping up to date online.
5. Try not to leave blanks
Where possible fill out all of the fields when listing your video onto YouTube. This is the equivalent to the information crammed onto the packaging of an electronic item or grocery store item.All the popular videos have the videos meticulously labelled.

To get noticed on YouTube is incredibly important. By making it a part of your marketing strategy for your message, you will increase the authority of your platforms. If it happens to be your website, the more authoritative your website is in Google’s eyes, the higher all your pages will rank in the search results, the greater the traffic and visitation.


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