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How to Dominate a Market Niche and Build Authority

Learn to dominate a market niche. The only reason I give Mr Zuckerberg money is so I can take clients off his platform and turn them into something that I own, so now I can own that distribution.

This podcast outlines how you can position yourself to dominate your market niche so that your dream clients will be exposed to you and your message on every platform that they live on.

This isn’t for people who are just dabbling. This is for people who believe so much in their message, people who are so passionate about their message, they’re willing to go out there and try to be everywhere to all people.

Podcast Transcript

Ok I admit it I am not a huge fan of SEO. I dabbled in the dark arts of SEO for a long time. But the ability to position oneself as an authority in a niche of my liking and in doing so dominating the conversation for me has become so much bigger for me, especially so as social media channels started happening and we now have all these amazing channels. For example Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Podcasting so many options have and are popping up.

Now to benefit from this phenomenon you need to make sure you’re everywhere, omnipresent, everywhere you look you are there and you’re entertaining and educating, you’re there.

I want to be as omnipresent as I can on socials. So when you pull out your mobile, if you open it up, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to the Facebook app, the Instagram app, or the YouTube app, you are seeing me and my message.

Now I’m sharing this with you, if you want to dominate the conversations in your particular market niche here’s how you do it.

How to get your dream clients addictively binge watching you on every platform that they live on.

Now this isn’t for people who are just dabbling. This is for people who believe so much in their message, people who are so passionate about their message, they’re willing to go out there and try to be everywhere to all people.

So, as a precursor to this let me share some thoughts on this topic by paraphrasing Gary Vaynerchuk.

I think the mobile phone is the television in 1965. and the TVs of today are back where the radio was in 1965. So if you study is history you know it loves to repeat it’s self.

“So if you go look at the brands, the beer brands, that were romantic about staying on the radio because that’s how they did it, and didn’t shift to television while things like Miller Lite, that nobody’s ever heard of, went TV only and became the brands. If you look at TV 1965, that’s what I think this is. And I think YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are ABC, NBC, and CBS.

“That’s what’s happening. So what you need to do for your business, is figure out the channels where you could be the star of that network.”

So when I saw this clip from Gary Vaynerchuk it resonated We have this really rare, really unique opportunity where literally the mobile phone that Gary said, these are the TVs from the 1960s. So knowing what you know now if you were back in the 60’s and wanted to make it big in business you would be all over TV right and you would be on every channel like the Dem tel guy and. you’’d build the biggest brand possible.

Well, we can do the same thing today, that’s the whole goal.

So, I’m going to walk you through my model, because this is what I am doing for both myself and my clients. I’m trying to dominate the entire conversation in our marketplaces, and, if you weave these types of things into your marketing, and start getting your message out to people, it’s going to change the game for you.

Alright so let’s go over a brief history of TV.

Step number one with TV was to get distribution into people’s homes. People had to build TVs and actually get them into people’s houses. That must have been a horrible process. But eventually there was a TV in everybody’s home.

Then the next step was the channels. So on each TV there was the ABC, Channel 7 then along came 9 and eventually 10 and somewhere that I can’t remember how SBS. 4 channels primarily was all there was.

And then each channel had individual shows, and that’s how TV works.

So we have distribution, channels, and then shows within channels.

Well, Today the game’s a little bit different. But it’s similar.

So how we play today, number one, people already have the TVs. Everyone already has a mobile in their pocket. In fact, I bet most of you listening to this are doing so on a mobile – am I right? Okay, so distribution is now done. That’s nice. That’s taken care of for you guys.

Step number two then, is to have a channel. How many of you guys have the Facebook app on your phone? YouTube app? Instagram? The channels are already there as well. So our step now is to create shows on these channels, and then promote these shows.

That’s it. That’s the game, it can be really, really fun.

The other thing to keep in mind – just like with TV shows and their ratings – the shows that really work, the ones that really go off are the ones that entertain, teach, or make a difference. You need to keep this in mind when you are producing content for your shows – there is no difference – you need to keep “art” in mind.

I digress…

Alright, next step, this is the secret I need everyone to understand about business as a whole. I wish somebody had explained this to me twenty or so years ago. It took me a while to figure this out. The secret to winning in my business and any business at all for that matter is distribution. The person who will win, is always the person with the best distribution. The ability to get their message to people, distribution is the key.

So the big secret in this whole game is building your own distribution channels.

When you have it you can sell whatever it is you want. You can sell services, you can sell products, you can sell memberships and courses, you can sell whatever you want to sell you can sell it. But you have to have distribution channels to do it.

Now on the internet, most distribution happens a couple of ways. One is via our email lists. How many of you guys have an email list right now? Good, that’s your distribution channel. My email list has saved me many times over stupid choices. It’s a distribution channel. You can create a product, create a service, send the email out to that list, and then make you some money.

I remember when I first got this, this was probably 12-14 years ago now.

I was marketing high end apartments and the local newspaper had become uncompetitive – we were forever playing catch and kill type marketing/ That was so hard and expensive and ineffective.

Then I began experimenting with database building and marketing and it changed the game.

Recently I heard Russell Brunson explaining the concept of the email list and he said, “ if you have an email list of 100,000 people and you send an email out selling a $30 or $40 product, .001% will buy, that means around an $8,000 return.” Wow who doesn’t need one of those list things. That sounds awesome.” And that kind of the key.

Now if you look at the metrics, .001% is a number most people think is low, but if you have an email list you should average, on average at least one dollar per name, per month, on your email list. And that’s on the low, low end, if you’re really bad at this.

If you understand that, then what’s your goal? If your goal is to make a hundred thousand dollars a year, or to make a million dollars a year, whatever that is, you just have to reverse engineer it.

“Okay I need, if I have 10,000 people on my list, that’s $10 grand a month, that’s $120,000 a year.’  Boom, that’s where you focus, how do I build that distribution?

If you want a million dollars a year you say, “Okay I need 100,000 people on my list, that’s $100,000 a month, times 12 months, 1.2 million.” That’s the key to the distribution channel.

You’re building a list. Again, this is, one dollar per name, per month, is on the lower end. Especially now days when all the stuff we’re tying in with social media and connection with my clients, I’ve seen those numbers go up. I’ve seen people achieve 10, 15, 20 dollars per month, per name. So this is like the low end, if you’re really, really bad at it. Is that exciting? It should get you pumped because honestly this is the key.

IN the show nots of this podcast I will add the product page of my 24-7 List Building Package which sells for a paltry $19

Number two now, which is growing rapidly and almost probably bigger are social lists. Messenger is one of the biggest. How many of you guys have been using messengers in your business? Yes, this is a gift from the marketing gods. I’m grateful for messenger lists. So the question is, should I build an email list? Or should I build a messenger list? Which one’s better? And the answer is you need both. Do not rely on one distribution channel in anything.

I promise you guys, Mark Zuckerberg does not like your business as much as you do, or as much as his own business and someday he will change the deal on you, I promise.

One is like the scariest number. If you build nothing but a social list, you can be in trouble. If you build nothing but an email list – whilst not as much trouble. Its best to have a blend of both. In fact, I am working on a how to Messenger training course as we speak and it should be available so stay tuned on that one.

So how do you build your distribution?

There are three types of traffic. The first type of traffic is traffic you control. you don’t own this traffic, but you control it. Zuckerberg owns traffic, so you can go to him and ask, can I give you some money for some of your traffic?” and he’ll likely say, ‘Sure. Where do you want to send it to?” and you now control this traffic. And you say send it over here to my landing page. That’s traffic you control. Any kind of ad you are paying for, you are controlling traffic. You do not own that, but you are controlling it.

The second type of traffic is traffic that you don’t control. The traffic you don’t control is where people just show up onto your site. How many of you guys have a blog and somehow people show up and read it? You don’t really know how, but they’re there. That traffic is really nice, but you don’t control it so it’s, they show up and they’re there and that’s awesome or they don’t.  A lot of times SEO, or PR or things like that are aimed at getting people to just show up because of stuff you’re doing.

I see a lot’s of people simply relying on these two – either buying ads or free search and to a lesser extent nowadays PR.

For me it’s neither of these. These are two really bad distribution channels.

I want to build my own distribution channel. So, all the traffic I control and all the traffic I don’t control, all gets pushed into one thing, that’s to become traffic that I own.

The only reason I give Mr Zuckerberg money is so I can take clients off his platform and turn them into something that I own, so now I can own that distribution. Does that make sense?

When I own the list, I can wake up one morning and say, “Hey I think I should do an event. Let’s call it Peter G Live. Do you think anyone will show up? I don’t know, I own some traffic. Let’s throw some traffic at it.” I throw some traffic at it and all of a sudden, I find out if people want it or not. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. If I did a good job on the what and the how then folk buy it and I say, “Cool, let’s do more of this.”

When you own traffic, you can make these offers, you can make up ideas, it becomes, this game becomes really, really easy to market and build your business – you now have some real levers to pull and execute.

So if you shift your mindset from, “I’m going to buy ads. I’m going to do SEO or whatever.” All the traffic that you get you must turn into traffic that you own. Because after you own it, you can do anything you want with it. So that’s my goal every time I work with clients in building up their business. That’s my goal. Converting traffic you control and don’t control into traffic that you own.

So all the traffic I control, if I’m buying any kind of ad, I’m not sending it randomly somewhere, I’m sending it to a defined system to convert it into traffic I own.


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