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How to be a success in any endeavour; Be a link and not an end point

Every successful person I know is a fulcrum of their chosen pursuit.

I have just returned from a yoga retreat and other than knowing that every sinew of my body is alive, I feel enriched mentally, after lots of time spent alone in my mind and on a meditation cushion.

My recent revelation is every successful practitioner I know in business, art or life is an enabler who links together their tribe of followers.

In fact, all that limits their success is the amount of energy they spend on scaling this attribute.

Don’t just tell. Don’t just listen. Make introductions. Set up strangers.

Pass on what you know. This is how ideas snowball into events.

You can be the fulcrum upon which an entire community turns.

Every successful person I know is a fulcrum of their chosen pursuit.

Whether it be the property guy who has had a coffee chat with a different stakeholder every working day for the last 20 years and never asked them for anything in return, but now just seems to have everything go his way.

Or Seth Godin who has blogged thought provoking viewpoints in marketing every day for the last 5 years and has built an enormous following and influence.

An artist who inspires her followers to look at the visual world, by encouraging them to look out for heart shaped objects and taking photos of them and posting them on her Facebook page.

They are all enriching others first…. And as a consequence, seem to be a success.



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