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How Not To Abuse LinkedIn – The Party Principle

LinkedIn Rule Number One – Do not abuse LinkedIn contact protocols. Listen to what not to do…

Be careful when attempting to build strong relationships with prospects on LinkedIn – I do not want you to fall into this trap.

Remember LinkedIN is social and the same rules for LinkedIn apply as they would at a business networking event or seminar.
Saying “hi” to somebody you don’t know at a networking event is exactly what you should do. In LinkedIn you can do that too and this is a great example
“Hi Peter,
I’m looking to expand my network of Perth nbased professionals would you be open to connecting?”
It is polite, pointed and has sufficient intrigue to get me to say yes.
But just like at a networking event after you say “hi” and “how are you ” – you don’t start pitching at them right away… neither should you on LinkedIn!!
“Hi Peter,
I hope this email finds you well and thanks for connecting! I’m sending you this message because I wanted to ask, how comfortable is your retirement looking right now? When’s the last time you got an expert second opinion?
We’re a leading local wealth management firm in Perth, and we’re offering locals a complimentary, no obligation financial health and retirement assessment to put you at ease and make sure you’re on the right track.
We have over 40 years of combined experience making us one of the most experienced teams in Perth. We truly put our clients first, and that’s our primary motivation.
Let me know if you are interested.”
Please give me a break I have only just met you and I am supposed to feel comfortable enough to start revealing my inner retirement secrets – I dont think so.
Enough said. The secret to succeeding in LinkedIn is to be social and respectful and add heaps of value just like you would as a real person at a live business networking event.
As I am sure you can appreciate by now, there’s a big difference between being on LinkedIn and using it.
LinkedIn can be used for so many things beyond just hosting your resume.
Here’s a list of just a few of the ways you can leverage the platform:
• Building Trust Amongst Your Peers
• Finding Jobs and Hiring Great People
• Generating Leads
• Kickstarting Partnerships
• Building Your Brand
• Obtaining Industry Knowledge
• Consuming and Creating Content
• Getting Support From Peers Within Your Industry
• Networking
This is why I encourage you to develop a daily habit of participating in the social aspects of LinkedIn. But please remember the value in LinkedIn is in the value you provide your niche and your connections.
Treat LinkedIn as you would a face to face business environment. Ths is why I have produced a download the LinkedIn Party Principle which is available here – it’s to help keep you on the straight and narrow and stop you making an ass of yourself.
If you would like more information on how to master LinkedIn to generate more clients for your business CLICK HERE


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