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7 Tips to Delivering World Class Customer Service

Delivering world class customer service isn’t as challenging as people think, but an alarming number of companies don’t bother trying.

They either don’t understand how it effects profits, or they just don’t know how to go about it.

Here are 7 tips.

#1 Plan in Advance

Don’t wait for a customer service breakdown to start thinking about how to handle difficult situations. Think about what constitutes good service and create a customer service manifesto. Establish systems for dealing with the multitude of customer-related issues. Customer service should never be improvised.

#2 Treat Everyone with Respect

‘The customer is always right.’ Not always!

Instead, no matter how wrong a customer might be, treat them with respect. Even an angry customer is worthy of your focus and time. Create a culture of respect, both among employees and with customers.

#3 Make It Loud and Clear

Clearly state your philosophy and standards. Ensure that everyone who has contact with customers, understand the customer service philosophy. All employees, full-time, part-time or consultants, must be on the same page.

#4 Listen and Act

Listen to customers and act on feedback. Seek ways to get opinions and have them share their experiences. Use feedback to improve operations and products. Be attentive and responsive.

#5 Stay Customer Focused

When you have a problem with a customer, your aim is to help solve the problem. This is being “customer-focused”. Treat their problem like your own and reach a solution that makes everybody satisfied.

#6 Don’t Promise What You Can’t Deliver

If you make promises you can’t keep, you’ll end up doing more damage than good when you break that promise. Explain limitations in your customer service manifesto.

#7 Spy on the Competition

If your customer service beats that of the competition, you’ll quickly gain a reputation for it. To know where you stand, keep an eye on your competition.

Final Word

World class customer service takes constant attention and improvement. You don’t just create a set of standards, train your staff, and forget about it. Keep listening to stakeholders, update policies and protocols as needed. Consistent and continuous improvement is how you keep your customer service top of the world.




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