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What’s Your Value Ladder?

Your offers need to be organised into steps so people can quickly get to your most expensive item, buy it, and love it.

Every offer should deliver value and requires a price related to that value.

Naturally, the more value you give, the higher the price tag. Every company needs a value ladder to organise its offers.

Most of us want to just give our customers the BEST and the BIGGEST value right off the bat. We do this because we know how transformational it is. We know it’s going to make a significant difference. But we forget that we haven’t earned enough trust just yet.

For example, I offer a service where I charge $60,000 a year to provide a complete marketing department to a business that takes care of all their marketing needs. In my eyes, that’s an amazing offer! In a perfect world, I could go to every single prospect and say, “Hey, it’s $60,000 per annum. And I’ll handle all of your marketing needs for you, and it’s going to be awesome!”

And the problem is, they don’t necessarily know what I can do, and whether they should trust me and if I have only just met them, I’ve provided little if any value to this point.

So if I was to offer them a $60,000 per year service the first time I meet them. My prospects are going to think I’m insane.

In business, you must see your customer’s journey. They would prefer to pay a little and get value in return. If the value exceeds the price tag, then they’ll likely come back for more. Each time they come back, the price (and the value) goes higher and the relationship deepens.

When you create a value ladder in your company, each offer should solve one problem and agitate another.

For example, if you sell someone a shirt, now they need the pants. Then the shoes…the belt…the jacket. Get creative! Do they need cuff links, a tie, a briefcase, cologne?

If you’re a real estate business, think about your homeowner. They need to sell their house, but maybe they need boxes to pack up all their stuff, renovation help, and landscaping services. They need help with the home they will buy. The new neighbourhood, change of address, finding new doctors. Follow your customer’s journey from start to finish.

If you’re already in business, find your most loyal, amazing customer and map out their journey.

Watch how they went through your offers— what they bought first, second, third.

That would provide you a pretty good tip in drawing your value ladder and create your marketing strategy around it.

A value ladder for your business will make a huge difference compared to just one big service offer. Try it and watch the amount of uptake from your prospects and ROI dramatically improve.


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