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Is Your Website Earning It’s Keep?

When you first set up your company’s website – were you filled with optimism that it would do its job and lift your business to a whole new level? Is your website earning its keep?

My research has found that even though a lot of company’s websites look good they are not necessarily doing what they could when it comes to getting more prospects and higher conversions.

To assist you in deciding whether your website is a bone fide sales and marketing machine and not just an expensive brochure I’ve developed this “114 Point Website Checklist” and you can download it for FREE here


The first thing you have to do to ensure your website is earning its keep and turning it into a lead-generating machine is conduct a thorough site analysis. This will allow you to better understand your site’s problem areas and provide clarity as to why visitors are bouncing.

When it comes to upping your lead generation game, you need to start with the basics: site structure, strong landing pages, clear calls to action and valuable content.

All of these are listed in this FREE Website Self Analysis!

Simple website updates have the potential to completely transform your business. Recently I have helped the evolution of a small retail business after making simple, yet trans formative website tweaks. An improved user experience and site navigation helped the retailer grow year over year sales by 200 percent. This small-business success story is within reach for any website and it does not take much to have it reach its potential to do a lot of the lead-gen heavy lifting, but first it must be geared correctly.

While there is no right way to create a lead, there are tried and true strategies marketers should employ to build a solid lead generation foundation. Before you can expect your other lead-gen techniques to thrive, you need to first create a strong lead-gen foundation within your website.

See how your website is placed CLICK HERE!

So the time is right to get your website earning it’s keep!


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