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For this new client, we have worked with them to develop their back story and from there the marketing assets required. Unapologetic is a creative homeware company that specialises in producing custom luxury homeware fixtures and accessories.

Here is the Brand USP we worked collaboratively on…

Unapologetic by name, unapologetic by nature.

We don’t follow the rules. In fact, we never opened the rule book in the first place.

We take what you think you know. We give it a twist and make it our own.

We are who we are.

We celebrate originality, we embrace creativity.

From every corner of the globe, we seek the wonderous and the magical to spark your curiosity and illuminate your surrounds.

Why conform when you can inspire?

Be you.


Troy Barbitta from Barbitta Design produced the logo and Kate Barakovska from Moda Interiors provided speciality insight.


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