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Survival tactics for tough times

Survival tactics for tough times.
Thinking of everybody in this Podcast. Please look after yourself and do everything you can to refresh, recharge and survive.

Best wishes.

Survival tactics for tough times

The 4 Key Rules

Rule Number 1 – Do what it takes to survive

Forrest Gump and his shrimp boat miraculously weather the storm – he then profits accordingly.

China seems to be coming through the end of it. This signifies it does end.

Act now – renegotiate, negotiate, speak up, ask, chase up – do what it takes.

Rule Number 2 – React to the Situations That Arise

People are home bored looking for attractive characters – you can be this.

Change your marketing language to be more appropriate for the times.

Don’t use the virus opportunistically – this will be seen for what it is.

How can you provide more value to your customers, peers and clients?

Rule Number 3 – Look After Yourself

Use this time to sharpen your tools
Refresh – if you feel overwhelmed visit Mind Body Green

Rule Number 4 – Look for Trends Which may become Long-lasting

Business shifts
Decentralised workforce
Disrupted school system
If you have a tribe, a following a database it is easier to communicate and add value
Business travel – is it required the innovative uses of meeting options – Skype, zoom whatever.
AFL white swan event – save for a rainy day.


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