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Scorecard to Success

This Episode of Marketing 24-7, will show you how to use your life scars to emerge as a winner and not let them define you.

In this episode of Marketing 24-7, we talk about creating scorecards and how it helps your business grow. 

“What You Measure Grows!”

Creating a scorecard for your business involves numbers. Sadly, many people don’t like numbers. Numbers can stress you, and to be honest, they do for me. Burying our heads in the sand is easier than owning up to the numbers. This has to stop!

Get yourself a big whiteboard or a piece of poster paper. Create a scorecard that you can see every day. Pick the numbers you want to measure. Make it simple. Literally, just things like your leads, revenue or new sales. Select the metrics you want to see. Make as many columns as you want as categories.

Update your scorecards every single day. Then try to beat your numbers. You can focus on one column at a time. At the end of the month, add it all up and keep that total in the last column. Get ready for something extraordinary to happen when you concentrate 100% in one direction. 

Athletes do this all the time. They are constantly working to beat their best times. It’s the same in business. Focus on your metrics so you can beat your personal best every time.

I’ve learnt that whatever you keep track of, you can increase. If you don’t measure it, you can never improve it. I looked through my numbers over the last year with my accountants. It’s has been up and down, up and down. There was never steady progression, just ups and downs. This scorecard technique will help us focus every day on what can be done to increase our business.

This also gives you motivation. I suggest you label the place where you have decided to collect your numbers. “How to give yourself a raise every day,” and how often do we look at it. Every day, how do we give ourselves a raise? 

Yesterday, we did $13,000. How do we give ourselves $14,000 today? It is right to give ourselves a raise today, always having that be the focus. Again, whatever you focus on grows.

What I am urging you to do, along with your teams, is build a scorecard and make it fun! Look at it every single day. Break your scorecard into three sections, daily, weekly, and yearly numbers.

The thing you can do is – Each day, mail out a report in the morning from the day before of, “Hey, here’s how many opt-ins, subscribers, buyers, blah, blah, blah we got”. So that’s now a daily email scorecard that goes out and the big scorecard for your numbers displayed somewhere on the wall. This increases awareness of the people involved. These metrics will motivate them to beat the record they had. 

Create something that’s front and centre every single day.  Look at those numbers every single day because, again, what you track, you can increase and whatever you focus on grows.


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