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Why Sales Follow Up Counts!

Why it’s Important To Do Sales Follow Up.

Every salesperson knows that not all of their presentations will result in successful transactions. More often than not, salespeople get a ‘no’ after their sales pitch. However, should the sales process end with a negative response from a client? I advocate that following up on each customer—whether they have said yes or no, is still a crucial part of the process.

Why is that the case? Consider the following reasons:

  1. Conducting a sales follow up on your customers make them feel important

As a salesperson, you understand that the sales process is not solely about making a sale. What salespeople should mostly be interested in is nurturing a good customer relationship. Follow-ups help salespeople do just that. They make customers feel that they are not just a statistic on the salesperson’s spreadsheet but someone with whom you wish to do business.

  1. A Sales Follow up on your client indicate that you care

Nothing is as effective a sales strategy as that which aims not only for the consumer’s mind but also for the heart. When you follow up your client, it indicates personal interest in their product needs and may help them become more receptive to your next presentation.

If they were a buying customer, ask about how satisfied they were with the product and how their experience went with you and your company. Regardless of their response—positive or negative, express appreciation for their honest feedback and learn from it. Use the feedback as a basis for the assessment of your presentation and tailor your next one accordingly.

  1. Follow-ups can lead to additional sales opportunities

Following up an existing customer can lead to more sales. For instance, you may be able to up-sell and promote new products to them. And because they already have experience with you and your company, it isn’t as difficult to get a listening ear.

You can also conduct a follow-up with non-buying and undecided customers. It could be that at this point, they already need the product or service you are offering, or they may have the capacity to make the purchase. Following up on them can give you the chance to go over your products again and address any questions that they may still have.

Of course, before you even conduct a follow-up, you need to make sure that you have given your customers the heads-up that you will be calling them back soon. Follow up on them as frequently as needed, but keep it within the bounds of decency; do not pester them into making a purchase.

Continue to engage your customers. Communicate with them. The more you reach out to them, the stronger your customer relationship will be, and the higher the possibility of being able to do continued business with them.

So, the advice is clear follow up on them and make each sales opportunity count.



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