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My Morning Routine

If you search the topic morning routine- google will return 493 million results. Lots of people have one, are interested in one and have written about their morning routine. Here is mine.

Podcast Transcript:

My is 2 pronged – one is Vital Greens and two is Morning Pages – I got the concept of adding morning pages into my morning routine after reading The Artists Way  by Julia Cameron

Prior to practicing morning pages – I used to sketch a bit, play guitar quite badly, and I had written three or four books whilst one was a serious hit (Exercise Danger) the others were ok

The bedrock tools

Morning Pages are the primary tool of a creative recovery. From my perspective they are the bedrock of a creative life. Three pages stream-of-consciousness writing done before the day “begins,”

Morning Pages serve to prioritize, clarify, and ground the day’s activities.

They let me clear my mind..

It is a paradox of my experience that Morning Pages both take time and give time.

It is as though by setting our inner movie onto the page, we are freed up to act in our lives. Suddenly, a day is filled with small choice points, tiny windows of time available for our conscious use.

As we write Morning Pages, we tend to get things “right.” Our days become our own. Other people’s agendas and priorities no longer run our lives. We care for others, but we now care for ourselves as well.

In fact I have become a much better person – At least I now like myself so much so that I honestly think that my morning pages are really what I like to call Thinkitation – now this is a term I have stolen from Tom Bilyeu the co founder of quest nutrition and Instagram Philosopher..

Reflection of the results of my morning routine

I am not sure that I have really become an artist..

I sketch a lot more – I have an easel set up – ipad pro and apple pencil

I play bass guitar now and not so much a 6 string – I even gigged in a band in Weekend Warriors

I learnt to radio broadcast and have been doing a weekly show at SportFM 91.3 called Sunday Sports Café for the last 2,5 years. I also volunteer at another station RTRFM where I do a Rockin the Roots show monthly

I write a ton more – but the content is now really about my passion being all things sales and marketing and helping people who have ventured into their own business succeed and have some control.

In line with this I have been podcasting with at time of this recording some 80 episodes Marketing 24- 7 twice per week.

I have created my own App and in it now have three IAP training courses and on my Website I have created a further four larger training type products.

Not to mention the growth of the sales and marketing strategy division of my business and the marketing and business coaching/mentoring I offer to select clients.

And on top of all of this – my mosts atisfying achievement and contribution is being the Chairperson of a not for profit called CARAD

All up I believe we can each achieve more and feel better about ourselves with a decent morning routine. – Why not try it?


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