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Locked Out of Your Social Media


You have worked tirelessly building your social media profile.

You haven’t been seduced by the offers of attracting thousands of fake followers for just $5. Every follower you have you feel you have earned them and developed a relationship with them. Whenever somebody comments, you dutifully reply, whenever somebody follows, you reciprocate. You post content regularly, you get involved in your social community and you have invested a lot of time and energy into your social profile. Incrementally you have seen all the hard work develop into a bonus for your business and now when you post something orders start to flow. Okay, you are not quite at the Influencer level but you have a following and you built a tribe. This is what building a following on social media for your business is all about, you begin to feel in control.

And then….

Overnight, somebody has managed to get a hold of your credentials and you are locked out of your social media accounts.
It happens.
It happens all over the world and it happens in Australia.

As outlined today in The West AustralianCLICK HERE to read.

“I just saw 4.5 years of work blow up in 30 seconds,”

It is as simple as that.

So, if you need anymore evidence, if you need anymore reasons to protect yourself and your business… then please pay heed to this and safeguard yourself by also building email lists.

By all means go social – but do everything in your power to also get your followers to subscribe to your email list, it will save a lot of heartache.

To find out how… download the Email Marketing Battle Plan by clicking here – It’s FREE!


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