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How To Get More Sales – Ask The Question!

Are you scratching your head wondering about how to get more sales? Over the course of time, I have met people who seem to have done everything they could to spread the word about their business. They have met people, printed brochures, and much more, however, they still do not appear to get ahead.

When they ask me for suggestions, I simply ask them,

“Have you asked your clients to buy your product or service?” Most of the time I just get back disbelieving stares.

Yes, many salespeople have failed to realize that in the world of marketing, asking questions can mean the difference between closing and losing a deal. In fact, many sales have been lost simply because the salesperson did not ask for it.

Now, why is it that so many hesitate to ask a prospect to buy their product or service?

The short answer is that they are simply afraid of rejection. The thought, “What if they say ‘no’” keeps ringing in their minds and holding them back from saying the words that could have gotten them the sale.

If that is true in your case, then it is the time that you change your thinking. Instead of thinking, “What if they say ‘no”, start thinking, “What if they say ‘yes’”?

How to get more sales!

You see, years of studying the field of marketing have taught me that in business, it is normal for you to get more ‘no’s than ‘yes’. So, learn to consider every ‘no’ as a stepping stone leading to the ultimate ‘yes’.

Even the most successful salesperson is happy with a 10% conversion ratio. In other words, they are used to getting that ‘no’ from their prospects, 90% of the time.

So, do not take a ‘no’ as though it means the end of your business. Think positive! A ‘no’ may only mean that they are not interested for the time being. That means you could try again later.

There may be another reason behind the ‘no’. It may be that you have failed to help your prospect understand the benefits of what you are offering. If that is the case, then move forward from there. Try to tailor your message next time to help your audience relate to your products. Sometimes, all it takes is just a change of one word or two in your message.

If you still find it difficult to ask for a sale, why not consider reading through articles and other publications that tackle this subject? You will find the information they contain most helpful. Here is one of the better ones CLICK HERE

Learning to ask the right questions is often the answer to boosting your sales. Avoid falling into the trap of sales phobia. Learn, not only to socialize during business gatherings but also to speak up about your product with confidence.

Learn to sell yourself and do it well.

Do not be afraid to approach people and talk about your product. You must believe that you have the offer that could help them improve their lives. When you consider it your obligation to let others know that your product exists, you will gain more confidence in reaching out to them.

What if they say ‘no’? Then keep your smile on and proceed to the next person until you get a ‘yes’.

How to get more sales? Ask the question.

To listen to this topic explained in the Monday Sales Coach podcast CLICK HERE 


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