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Converting Leads to Sales – 3 Things to Remember

If there is one thing that is crucial in sales, it is leads. So being good at converting leads to sales is a skill that every sales person should master.

In the world of business where so many things can shift in an instant, it is essential for a salesperson to understand how there are no guarantees when it comes to leads.

The potential customer who you thought was already in your hands today can turn out to be in your competitor’s hands tomorrow.

Absolutely anything can happen to your list of prospects.
This is a subject of great concern to salespeople. After all, we rely on leads for the growth of our customer base and to make more sales. Losing a lead means losing a sale that we could have had; something that we unquestionably do not want to happen to us.

How, then, can you ensure that your hot leads now will not turn into cold later or in other words how can we get great at converting leads to sales?

The simple answer is to maximize your opportunity to make a sale before your competition does. Of course, that is easier said than done, but a few reminders as to how to best follow up you sales leads will help a lot.

The three things that you should keep in mind when converting leads to sales.

  1. Leads are not yet customers
    Thats right, you need to keep in mind that leads do not necessarily equate to clients. Repeating this to yourself will prevent you not waiting that an extra day before you call on them.
  2. Leads are not meant to sit in a file
    Remember these leads are not just random names that miraculously appeared on your desk. If you want to make a customer out of them, you have to take action as fast as you can
  3. Leads require proper timing
    Remember in sales, Time is of the essence. Understanding this concept means understanding how your prospect’s mind works. Your prospect has sent out word regarding their need for your product or service. This could also mean that you are not the only sales person who is aware of the lead’s need. The one who makes the deal, could actually depend on who acts on the lead first.

Your job in sales is to make sure that you get to communicate to the prospect before anyone else from your industry does. You need to strike at the right time but fast enough to impress them with just how easily available the solution to their needs actually is. Failure to act on a lead could mean losing a sale to your competitor. Do not let this happen. Do not give a potential client the opportunity to seek out your competition for a product or service. Do not wait several days before calling on a lead. The chances are high that others have already contacted them.

Also, think of the impression you will be making on that lead if they learn that you waited several days before you made the call! This will definitely not result in a positive image.

So the next time that you get your hands on a qualified lead do not waste your chances and do not take too long to place a call. Stop whatever it is you are doing and reach out to the prospect before the lead turns cold or worse still into someone Else’s.

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