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Why You Need To Create Your Own Space in The Market

Let us be honest, by and large it is a crowded market. The likelihood that your product or service is so unique that you do not have any competition is as rare as a Fremantle Dockers premiership :)!! We need another Real Estate Agent (not), nor do we need another Coffee Shop, yet, new market […]

The Crime Of Deadly Positioning

When you position yourself in the market as infallible, you’ll stop taking risks in order to avoid looking bad, and this will be the beginning of your end.  Staying relevant is so important in business. You must be at the front of people’s minds every day and all of the time.  The best way to […]

How to keep improving your Offer

Is your offer really finished?  Is the funnel complete?  Is there something more you can add?  Ask these three questions all the time, even when you have an amazing funnel.  At any point in the sales process, you can do more if you just ask yourself the question “what else can we do?”  Find out […]

Seeking Pleasure and Avoiding Pain

All humans either move away from pain or towards pleasure – this podcast outlines how to get into the heads and conversations of your customer and prospects and find out which way they are heading.   Transcript: We individuals are very simple folk. We do things really mainly for two distinct motivations. Either to move […]

How to Protect Yourself from Distractions

What is that new business idea or shiny object costing you in terms of focus? Stores like Coles and Woolworths only have a certain number of shelves. Every single item placed on their shelves is sharply judged based on performance. If a product doesn’t do well, it’s removed from the shelf to make room for a better […]

The Formula That is the Ultimate Governor in Your Business

Responsibility equals control and control equals responsibility. Or as a formula it is R=C & C=R Now this might seem very simplistic to some people. But the importance of this formula and how the average entrepreneur applies it day to day can dramatically improve circumstances. Listen to my latest podcast to learn how.     […]

Lifelong Learning

If you want to succeed in marketing you have to constantly keep your eyes and ears open and never stop learning.  In this episode of my podcast I outline a recent lesson I learnt thanks to an outreach email I had received. Take a listen. Transcript: If you want to succeed in marketing you have […]

Get Client Referrals on Purpose and Not By Accident

To woo affluent clients the best weaponry is to repeatedly offer “bragging rights experiences” to your customer and client base.  The hospitality industry has been doing this for years. In this podcast I outline the 3 key steps to success.   Transcript:   For people like me in marketing it is a very unwelcome fact: […]

Build your Business into Something Special – Start by Defying Industry Norms

Entrepreneurs who make a lot of money defy norms whilst those who are content with average money conform to them.  The choice is yours. Take a listen to this week’s podcast   Transcript: Most of us can’t understand why seemingly good businesses go under.  They employ smart, dedicated people and they have a strong track […]