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Business Success 101

Let me ask you one simple question. How to know if you are going to be successful in business?

There’s a very easy way to tell if you’re going to be successful as an entrepreneur. And once I tell you, if you think, well crap then I’m doomed, don’t worry—you can change your focus and become successful.


The people who are typically NOT successful are people who just want to make money.

They go into business for the financial rewards only.

The other type of entrepreneurs who fail are product obsessed. Those who care so much about their product. They are obsessed with their invention or offering. It’s their baby and they can’t see outside of that perspective. Those are the people who fail.

The people who are successful!

They are the ones passionate and excited about marketing.

Just like Apple, they are not just in the business of making phones. They are in the business of helping and serving people by selling their iPhones. That’s what Steve Jobs understood and why he was such a big deal and grew the company to billions.

How is Apple different from other phone manufacturers? Other companies focus more on the gadget while Apple’s focus is on getting the gadget into people’s hands.

Job’s knew they were in the business of marketing and selling. Not just in the phone business. Remember this—it’s not the thing. It’s the marketing and selling of the thing. Those are the people who succeed.


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