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It’s Smart To Get Great Help

You become an expert more quickly when you acquire information for your business that took other people decades to learn.

I first heard the term “Decade in a Day” in a podcast from Tony Robbins. He talked about people who spent 10 years learning something and then they write a book. Then any person off the street can pick up that book and and learn in an afternoon what took someone else a decade to learn. In my business, I hire experts all the time to get an insane amount of information quickly.

I am a big believer in sales training and regularly fly in experts who can move the needle when it comes to performance. A decent sales trainer does not come cheap by the way (circa $25,000 AUD) but when you put skin in the game like that, you’re going to pay attention and implement.

The financial investment triggers us to get the people and resources in place to implement the actions and ideas. The funny thing is, I do a fair bit of sales training for others and I am pretty up on most of the latest ideas but in my own outfit I hadn’t implemented a lot of the essentials. It wasn’t until I put money to it that I started taking action.

If you need something, and you’ve been reading and studying but not implementing, it might be one or two reasons. One, you might not have made a big enough investment yet, or two, you might need the actual expert to give you a personalised brain dump that gives you the fuel to move forward.

All business owners have one of the cruellest limitations in the world – time. The shortcut to acquiring expertise is to pay your way into a decade’s worth of knowledge in a day by investing as needed.



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