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When It Pays To Not Listen To Your Customer

Rather than listen to your customers – watch your customers.  In particular track where they spend money with you, because often people say one thing and vote with their credit card in a completely different way. This podcast shines a light on this major marketing stumbling block.     Transcript Your Opinion does Not Matter […]

How to Price Your Marketing Content?

Have you ever asked yourself how much your marketing content is worth? The ebooks you create, the infographics you design and the webinars you host. How much are they worth?

How to Grasp People’s Attention – The Art of Marketing!

When I started in business in the 1980’s, I stumbled onto something… Back then, even though I had studied it in truth I knew almost nothing about marketing and even less about sales. But I was successful right from the start because I stumbled onto this thing, and it was … A word I like […]

Client Generation the Dream 100 Technique

The aim of the Dream 100 concept is increase client generation by moving prospects along a continuum of: I’ve not heard of this company What is this company I think I have heard of this company Yes, I do business with this company

The Value of Face-To-Face Marketing

The need for face-to-face (f2f) interaction has never been more important. The popularity of communicating virtually — using email, instant messaging, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the like, has had a significant impact on the speed at which information can be obtained. But, virtual communication has also led some marketers to ignore the role face-to-face (F2F) communications can […]

Sales Evaluation Tool – Become A Better Sales Manager

I have been consulting with a lot of sales outfits lately and most of my evaluations have revealed that there is a huge need for sales coaching. Put bluntly not enough sales managers nor sales directors value “Developing Somebody” like they should. They are all looking for ready made sales people and guess what most […]

Why Sales Follow Up Counts!

Why it’s Important To Do Sales Follow Up. Every salesperson knows that not all of their presentations will result in successful transactions. More often than not, salespeople get a ‘no’ after their sales pitch. However, should the sales process end with a negative response from a client? I advocate that following up on each customer—whether […]

Sales Professionals as Million Dollar Influencers

To flourish in sales today sales pros need to create more relevant outreach with personalized messaging. Prospects need information from not just marketing, but sales professionals that answer their questions at every stage.