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The Giant, Growing Availability of Unicorns and Why Your Business Needs Them.

Transforming your business to market to, appeal to, and attract the affluent, will transform your income, security, and your business life. Marketing to the wealthy and the top-end-of-town is a passion and expertise of mine – take a listen to my latest podcast.   Transcript:   I have helped countless entrepreneurs transform their businesses into […]

How to Market to the Affluent Self-Employed by Tapping into Their Psyche

Affluent business owners and entrepreneurs can be marketed a wide variety of offerings. In this podcast I outline how to tap into their psyche 👇     Transcript:   Self-employment is one of the most reliable paths to first-generation wealth. Research shows self-employed make up slightly more than 20% of the Australian population, yet account […]

How to Use Luxflation to Attract the Top-End-Of-Town to Your Business.

Termed by author Pamela Danziger – Luxflation is the inching up of price. A form of self-induced inflation, experienced by consumers willing to pay what seems a little more for much better experiences – when, in fact, that little more may be a 500% to 5,000% premium.  This is important to grasp, as it affects […]

Why In-Store is Still the Future of Absolute Luxury

In this week’s episode of The Marketing 24-7 Podcast – I predict the future of physical stores versus simply just online and outline for you what the Absolute Luxury Heavyweights are up to. Please take a listen   Transcript:   Why In-Store is Still the Future of Absolute Luxury. The future of luxury is still […]

Unravelling the Complicated Mindset of the Wealthy Consumer

If you target the wealthy individual or the top-end-of-town to become your patient, client or customer – then understanding their mindset is crucial. In this podcast I unravel some of the idiosyncrasies and outline a simple yet effective strategy.     Transcript:   The wealthy person is a complicated creature.  Research indicates the typical top-end-of-towner […]

Turn Silver into Gold – How to Profit in the Boomer Marketplace

The wealthiest generation in history, Boomers currently hold $2.6 trillion in buying power. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some of those dollars flow into your business? In this podcast I outline the 3 critical factors that influence most of the Boomers purchasing decisions and I also go into the critical difference of marketing products […]

Marketing Lessons from the House of Gucci

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten,” a saying embossed in gold letters on pigskin plaques and displayed strategically around Gucci stores. Just one of the key lessons the House of Gucci has to offer any entrepreneur looking to market to the wealthy and the top-end -of-town. Recently I went to see the movie […]

Serving The Wealthy, A Way to Fast Money

I will give your business a gift of FREE MONEY!  All you have to do is set your prices at the premium level. If you can get your head around it, you can be assured of a lot of extra revenue. This podcast will tell you how and why.     Transcript In this episode […]