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At we are dedicated to getting results. Over the years we have developed or enhanced a wide variety of resources that Peter uses in his business endeavours or with his clients when he is consulting with them.

Click through the following links to avail yourself to a range of PDF’s, ebooks, audio, video and manifestos. They are all free for you to use and adapt. We hope you find them as helpful as Peter does and please feel free to share them.

To make them easy to find they have been arranged into the following categories:

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I tend to work with businesses in three ways.


Sales & Marketing Consulting

I help business owners improve their sales and marketing results so that they can grow their business faster. Would you like more clients?

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Million Dollar Influencer

Let me position you as an authority in your market or niche. I can write your book, produce your podcast or publish your YouTube channel.

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Would you like me to speak or conduct a workshop at your event? From marketing to entrepreneurship and motivation, I can customise a presentation accordingly.

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