No matter what business or industry you’re in, if you can’t get new clients you probably won’t stay in business for very long.

And as you are likely already aware, finding and keeping clients can be a challenge.

It doesn’t matter what products or services you offer; your prospects likely have lots of different options to choose from. Being able to differentiate yourself from your competitors and position yourself as the person or business most suited to serve them is vital to your success.

The secret to getting noticed despite all the noise in the marketplace is authority. When you have authority, people will pay attention. When you are perceived as an expert in your industry, people will naturally want to work with you. They will seek you out.

Getting to that level is all about positioning. Using a few simple strategies, I can help position you as the go-to expert in your industry.

By doing so you can attract business to you. Instead of constantly hustling to find your next client, you can turn yourself into a client magnet and let them find you.

The Million Dollar Influencer Program

Asset Creation

In this program I will help you produce a range of appropriate assets for your business or brand. Whether it be a book, podcast, YouTube channel or seminar series I will develop these for you so that they work seamlessly with your website and social media personas.

Having your own book is one strategy that can help to immediately set you apart from most of your competitors.

Think about it.

If your competitors are handing out business cards, hoping their phone will ring, and you’re giving copies of your book as gifts to potential clients, who do you think will win more business?

You will, because you’re the one with a book.

Authority Positioning

Developing assets is one sure fire way to trump your competition.

Nothing grabs ownership of a market like a book or other assets such as a popular podcast or a viral video. If you are positioned as the go to authority in your market, be it local, national or international, prospects will always consider using you in their reckoning of who to do business with.

In this program I will position you as an authority by distributing valuable content throughout your market using cost effective social media, your website and a tailored follow up auto responder service.

Niche Market Domination

If you’d like to appoint me to produce the whole kit and caboodle including a suite of appropriate for you authority assets along with a developed conversion funnel that delivers you paying customers on a plate – this is the program for you.

Here’s some great news!

I have just launched a new Business In A Box program where I will design and produce your entire custom marketing system. This program is perfect for those people looking to launch or revamp their business, but are stuck due to marketing overwhelm.

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