Peter Gianoli – Sales & Marketing Consultant Perth

Sales & Marketing Strategies That Get Results

Peter is a leading marketing consultant throughout Australasia using the latest successful sales and marketing strategies.

A sought after Sales & Marketing Specialist based in Perth Western Australia, Peter has developed an international reputation in understanding the changing nature of customers and the marketplace they reside in. Peter has devised a range of strategies to better connect with customers and is constantly evaluating and evolving them to ensure effectiveness.

Because of Peter’s extensive experience, he is in high demand in a number of consulting roles and serves on a number of boards and committees as the voice of marketing.

Peter works with many organisations in developing highly productive sales and marketing teams and his focus is to create sales and marketing strategies that ensure the probability of success.

Specialty Retail Sales and Marketing Services

While traditional media remains the most used vehicle for researching retail promotions and in particular grocery shopping, its use is declining rapidly in favor of digital and mobile research, including email, social media and apps. This move to digital by consumers opens up an opportunity for retailers to either dominate and consolidate or to erode another players market share.

Peter works with clients to create segmented/targeted promotions, versus one-size-fits-all, campaigns.Thanks to this move to digital, this has provided the perfect backdrop for retailers to capitalize and become the trusted resource that can have a big impact on spending, satisfaction and loyalty.

B2B Sales and Marketing Consulting

Peter is convinced there is a right way and a wrong way to build, manage and lead sales and marketing teams in the B2B sector. The bottom line is that both sales and marketing needs to not only market an offering but an answer to issues and problems. Peter works with organisations in the B2B sector to discern the right marketing Mix, Marketing Plan and Promotions Strategy leading to performances that outstrips competitors.

Service Industry Sales and Marketing

If your business is entering a new market, launching or relaunching a product or service Peter provides consulting services to work with you in developing your brand building strategy and preparing a marketing plan that will cut through.

This plan will include marketing budgets and measurement strategies specific enough to ensure the recommended marketing mix meets with your business objectives and improves the overall profitability of the business.