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Keynote Speaker Malaysia

Do you want your next event in Malaysia to be the best yet?

Look No Further For A Keynote Speaker For Your Next Event

Peter Gianoli presents in Malaysia as a Keynote Speaker and ensures your audience will leave filled with enthusiasm and knowledge to immediately start making a difference.

Monday Sales Coach

Keynote Speaker For Sales Meetings and Conferences!

As the producer of the weekly sales podacst on ITunes "Monday Sales Coach" Peter is the perfect Keynote Speaker for your next event in Malaysia where he can present the latest in Sales Tips, Techniques and Motivation to have your sales force fired up and performing. 

Keynote Speaker to better serve Customers in Malaysia

Happy customers are loyal customers and loyal customers spread positive word of mouth - which is priceless for your business. Peter has developed a Keynote presentation specifically for audiences in Malaysia that ensures your staff will be able to turn your customers into raving fans. An ideal Workshop.

Awesome Customer Service
Keynote Speaker Malaysia

5 Reasons Event Coordinators Love Booking Peter as a Keynote Speaker for their Events in Malaysia...

If you are looking for a keynote speaker for your next event in Malaysia  guaranteed to have your audience wanting moreā€¦. then here are 5 reasons to consider booking Peter. Please CLICK HERE for in depth information.  

More About Peter

Peter Gianoli is a Marketing Specialist and Keynote Conference Speaker who presents throughout Malaysia and Australiasia. He is a sought after consumer behaviour specialist who understands high end marketing through to the changing nature of the shopper and the food retailing business, and what it takes to succeed tomorrow. To find out more about Peter  CLICK HERE