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How to ensure your sales and marketing activities are positioned to be lucrative and effective. How to have the impact of your marketing intensify over time - so that prospects continue to flow into your sales pipeline long after your marketing expenditure ceases. Are you the optimum sales & marketer you can be - a Million Dollar Influencer?

Measure Marketing reach 

Are you making the most of the marketing channels available to your business? In today's new economy, being the biggest no longer guarantees a competitive advantage. How you are positioned for influence is more  important.

Evaluate Database strength

Successful sales and marketers know the strength of their relationship with their database of prospects is one of the best assets their business can have. How is yours?

quantify sales metrics

Do you know what tools you can dial up to increase your sales revenue and when to do it? Find out now.

Who Am I?

I am a Sales & Marketing Strategist with clients throughout Australia & Asia.

I understand high end sales and marketing offerings such as luxury apartments and capital raising through to the changing nature of the shopper and the food retailing business, and what it takes to succeed tomorrow.

Peter Gianoli

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